Carpinteria Seal Watch Numbers

In 2017 Volunteers counted approximately 27,126 people viewing the seals. Visitors came from all over, Russia, Mexico, Nevada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Minnesota, New York, Greece, Spain, Washington, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Rhode Island, Idaho, Louisiana, Oregon, Maine, Wyoming, Vermont, the Netherlands, Sweden. Austria, Hawaii, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, just to name a few!

Please consider staying out of the harbor seal sanctuary area during the summer and fall; harbor seals do not migrate and are here year round. They need to rest about 50% of the time on land. The only reason they are not seen more frequently during the day in the summer is because people walk on the beach. Although the city trespass ordinance only applies December 1 to June 1, the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act still applies so whoever scares them off the beach is in violation of that law.